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JADe Central

Knowledge Sharing

JADe Central is where we aim to share three main categories of information:

  1. Industry News
  2. Android Snippets
  3. The Experience Bucket

Industry News is where you will find various current issues, news stories or announcements for the Mobiles, Telecommunications or IT spaces.

Android Snippets is where we share our solution to various Android Application Development issues that are not well documented or the solution may not be immediately obvious.

  • android:layout_alignBaseline vs android:layout_alignBottom
  • Latitude, Longitude to GeoPoint
  • It's All Relative

    The Experience Bucket is where we aim to share other technical learnings or experiences that are not specific to Android Development but rather IT development in general.

  • MYSQL Stored Function to generate 'Sequences'
  • Finding dodgy numbers stored in an Oracle varchar field
  • HTML Escape Codes